Whether you are a local or a tourist in Canada, certain restaurants are so much more than just food. The best ones offer a truly unique dining experience and one that you will not forget. If money is no object when dining out in Canada, these places are worth adding to your bucket list:

Image result for Alo, TorontoAlo, Toronto

This has been well known for taking the number 1 spot of the most luxurious restaurant in Canada for some time now and there is no question that it always delivers. Alo is found in a Victorian style building and the appearance alone is enough to blow you away before you even get to the food. The meals taste absolutely delicious, they are presented beautifully and the love and care that has gone into them are apparent. It has a very trendy interior and the French-inspired cuisine just keeps on giving!

Toqué, Montreal

This high-end restaurant is well known for producing Québécois food with ingredients fresh from the farm. Yes, the main reason why Toqué has earned its place here is thoroughly amazing food with the best quality ingredients that you will find for miles around. The head chef at this restaurant in worldwide known and the way he prepars the meat and vegetables for happy customers is amazing. The service is always done with a smile and it’s just a really nice place to be.

Joe Beef, Montreal

This steakhouse has actually been voted third most luxurious in Canada and what might seem like pretty simple dishes are put together really well and will absolutely blow you away. There is much more on offer than just steak including seafood, lamb, oysters and even lobster. Despite the apparent popularity, there is such a laid back atmosphere in Joe Beef that you will actually feel like you are dining with friends.