Bring back the fun into eating out at restaurants. Choose somewhere that is completely different and that stands out from the crowd. The following restaurants are all in Canada and are well worth visiting for one reason or another.

Oasis Surf, Montreal

In the hectic world that we live in, multitasking is definitely the future. At Oasis Surf, you can combine eating delicious meals and fun activities. In fact, the restaurant itself is situated alongside a cool whirlpool where guests can enjoy a realistic surfing experience. Whether you are there to do an activity and eat or just watch what is going on around you, Oasis Surf ticks all the right boxes.

The Grizzly House, Alberta

Fancy eating items from an exotic restaurant that serves dishes that intrigue but also possibly scare you. The Grizzly House has a whole range of meals that are surprisingly delicious and worth experiencing for yourself. Including a rattlesnake, a shake AND an alligator, do you dare to try them for yourself? In addition to the food, the decor is pretty unusual too with totem poles, a carved wooden bear, and even a buffalo head!

Image result for Great Viking Feast, NewfoundlandGreat Viking Feast, Newfoundland

This restaurant is otherwise known as the Lightkeepers Seafood Restaurant and it’s a must go to location for anyone who is interested in history. You will literally be transported back into the Viking age as you watch a variety of live acts, get involved in everything around you and of course, eat delicious food from that period.

Crystal Hut, British Columbia

Food with a view, anyone? Crystal Hut is a restaurant that is famous for their incredible waffles but even more so, the views because it is actually located at 6,053 feet at Blackcomb mountain range. This is definitely one to consider if you need to cure your fear of heights in a beautiful setting.