Visiting a restaurant doesn’t need to be the same old experience every single time. You can make things different by eating somewhere that serves some different dishes and also does things a little differently in terms of location and vibes. The following spots in Canada are hugely recommended to change your restaurant experience just enough to keep it interesting.

O’Noir, Toronto, Ontario and Montreal

It isn’t really the food here that is exotic but rather just the experience in general. That is because if you dine at O’Noir, you’d better make sure all your senses are working. You will be eating and drinking completely in the dark, the owner of O’Noir aims to allow guests to experience what it is like to live in a sightless universe. One thing is for sure, despite the atmosphere, the food here is delicious.

Image result for Eigensinn Farm, OntarioEigensinn Farm, Ontario

This restaurant is really something else and that is mostly due to the Stadtländers family who own it and put so much love and care into what they prepare. They grow all their own livestock and vegetables. They also create their own honey, maple syrup and even catch fish on a daily basis! They then prepare their food in their farmhouse and bring it to you to eat! The dishes are amazing and you will really feel like you are doing something good for small businesses and supporting organic produce in general.

Tree House Cafe, British Columbia

Taking you right back to childhood, the tree house cafe is situated smack bang underneath a plum tree. As if eating outside in the throes of nature isn’t exotic enough, you can even enjoy some live music in this spot. This place is popular with locals and tourists alike and although it might seem quite gimmicky, the international food is cooked really well and hits the spot every time.