Canadian Restaurants Banning Plastic Straws

Even in the most luxurious restaurants in Canada, you would likely find plastic straws – in delicacies like delicious cocktails for example. However, recently environmentalists are not happy with the use of plastic in restaurants and straws,

About Restaurants in Casinos

Restaurants and casinos When you are enjoying some “live dealer” action at your local casino, it’s normal to get a little hungry. You are in luck because pretty much every casino in Canada and beyond have restaurants

Restaurants in Casinos

Almost every large casino has some type of restaurant built into them, not just in Canada but all over the world. There are many reasons why there are restaurants in casinos but basically one of them is

Casinos and Restaurants in Canada

If you are on vacation in Canada and want to gamble, there are many big casinos out there. If you want something to eat during a particularly grueling session, you can do just that because there is

Four Canadian Restaurants Commended

The same old dining style can get boring after a while and although it’s nice to enjoy a restaurant environment, something new is always welcome. Some Canadian restaurants have launched “outdoor dining”, al fresco style if you

Food of the Future: Trends in 2018

You probably have your favorite dishes that you have loved for years and always come back to but the food industry is always changing and it’s important to embrace that. Below you can find some food trends

Toronto Restaurant Makes List of Best in the World

You will feel like you are living the life of luxury in many restaurants in Canada but “Alo” is a place that has really done themselves proud as of recent. The Toronto establishment has been included in

Choosing a good restaurant in Canada

There are many amazing restaurants in Canada and no matter what your reason is for being in the country, it’s important that you find a good place to eat. Some establishments are obviously going to be nicer

Canadian Restaurants on the Rise

If you want a restaurant to eat at in the country of Canada, you can be happy that there are no shortages. The number of new restaurants all over Canada is on the rise and this is

How Bad is the Food Waste Problem in Canada?

Do you ever stop and think just how much food you throw away? Think of how many times you have a fridge full of vegetables only for them to go “off” before you have a chance to