How Bad is the Food Waste Problem in Canada?

Image result for How Bad is the Food Waste Problem in CanadaDo you ever stop and think just how much food you throw away? Think of how many times you have a fridge full of vegetables only for them to go “off” before you have a chance to use them. Most of us do it but recent findings have shown that Canada has some particularly shopping statistics in regards to wasting food.

The report which proves Canada is one of the worst culprits globally for this problem was released by the Commission for Environmental Corporation and it included information saying that on a yearly basis, Canada throws away an average of 396 kilograms of food. That’s pretty much the same as doing grocery shopping and throwing out a quarter of it right away.

It’s really important that we all come together to limit the amount of food that we waste. There are people all over the world who would be so grateful to have the amount of food as us as a developed country, so it’s vital that you are more mindful of what you are doing.

Some things to consider is making more shopping trips, buying less food on each one. It is not good financial management to throw away money on too many groceries. Meal plan so that you know what foods you need to stock up on and do not use any more than that. Put some food that spoils easily into a freezer; this will keep it fresh and ensures you can defrost and use it when you need to.

You should also focus on making smaller portions, only fill your plate with what you know you will eat. More restaurants are starting to do this in an attempt to stop food waste and many are also donating to food shelters so that those less fortunate can make use of it.

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