Casinos and Restaurants in Canada

If you are on vacation in Canada and want to gamble, there are many big casinos out there. If you want something to eat during a particularly grueling session, you can do just that because there is likely a restaurant attached to your casino of choice.

Below are just three of the awesome casinos in Canada, but there are a lot more than this out there. If you’d prefer to game at home, there are many more options for you. Why not play online casinos? There are many great casino sites ouRelated imaget there where you can win big money including Vegas Palms Casino and more.

River Rock Casino Resort, British Columbia

The largest casino venue in western Canada, The River Rock Casino Rock lies on the shores of the Fraser River and it is really popular. Containing almost 1000 slot machines, a room dedicated entirely to poker and more. There is also an eatery where you can enjoy food and drinks at your leisure.

River Cree Resort & Casino, Alberta

This casino is situated on the western outskirts of Edmonton and it’s a very luxurious casino that has over 1000 slot machines and 39 gaming tables where you can put big stakes on the games that you love the most. There are a variety of different meals served at the Kitchen Buffet Bistro which is found just inside. Have something to eat between games to keep energy levels high.

Casino Niagra, Ontario

This casino is built right next to Niagara Falls and it’s pretty epic. At over 95,000 feet, you’ve got lots of space to game to your heart’s content. There are 40 gaming tables and over 1,500 slot games to play on. There is a restaurant of course and that’s not to mention even 26 HDTVs to browse at your leisure.

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